About Us

 The Institute of Interprofessional Health Sciences Education is a virtual learning centre supported by 4 universities (McMaster University, University of Ottawa, Laurentian University and Western University) and by the Council of Ontario Universities (COU).

 This institute is being generously funded by Health Canada as part of Health Canada's  Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient Centered Practice Strategy.   

 The Institute of Interprofessional Health Sciences Education was established to encourage inteprofessional learning, to build a virtual network of expertise of knowledge, skills and to promote cultural change in health science students and clinicians.

 Through this website, the Institute will offer web-based learning modules on key topics facilitating interprofessional knowledge and collaboration among professionals to students and health professionals

It is our hope that the interprofessional training provided by the modules will result, in the long run, in more patient centered-care, increased cooperation among health care professionals and high quality interprofessional education that extends from educational institutions into the workplace.

Funded by Health Canada

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